Board Members

2016-2017 PTC Board Members

Name Position Email
President Charis Cardeno
VP of Communications Louise Fairbairn
VP of Fundraising Jose Chavez
VP of Events Julia Channel & Corrinne Clay
Secretary Kelly Sagara
Treasurer Danielle Johnson
Head Art Docent Debbie Dehrer
Room Parent Coordinator Nicole Lopez
  • President – The President oversees all of the PTC board positions.  Ensures on track for events, goals and budget.  Runs all meetings.
  • VP of Communication – Manages the website for Junction, writes PTC emails and works with the office staff on Talking Tuesday content.  Sets up volunteers for events and committees.  Does the social media and community involvement.
  • VP of Fundraisers – Coordinates fundraising committees such as Skate Nights, Membership Drive, Dine Outs, as well as oversees fundraisers such as Turkey Trot and sales fundraisers.
  • VP of Events – Coordinate committees on school functions and is the main contact for committee heads.
  • Secretary – Takes minutes at all the meetings, updates the bylaws and serves as Sergeant Of Arms. Manages master calendar and sends out Board birthday cards.
  • Treasurer – Provides monthly account tracking, manages spend spreadsheet, and oversees master budget.  Also, does the receipt organization and tax prep.
  • Head Art Docent – Manages all art programs and coordinates volunteers and training. Organizes Evening of the Arts and works with the community library with displays and events.
  • Room Parent Coordinator – Holds a Room Parent kick off meeting at the start of the year.  The RPC coordinates Teacher Appreciation Week, Conference Week lunch, and assists with getting information and coordination for events that require classroom participation.